Average Cost To Remodel Bathroom With Tile Shower

In this article, we will discuss the average cost to remodel bathroom with tile shower. We will also give a basic introduction to the different types of tile showers and what you can expect to pay for the installation.

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Does a Tile Shower Increase Home Value

Whether or not a tile shower increases home value is a topic of much debate. Some people believe that the luxurious and custom look of a tile shower can increase the value of a home, while others claim that it is simply a personal preference and will not have a significant impact on resale value.

With luxury items like a tile shower, it all comes down to the individual buyer and their tastes. For example, some people prefer the feeling of stepping into a tile shower on their morning walk while others may feel claustrophobic in such an enclosed space. It’s all about your personal preference.

With that said, adding a tile shower to your bathroom can add value if it is done correctly and tastefully. If you use materials like marble and granite tiles and add a high-end showerhead with multiple jets, you can expect some value to be added to your home.

Average Cost To Remodel Bathroom With Tile Shower
Average Cost To Remodel Bathroom With Tile Shower. Image: woyhome.com

Most Expensive Part of Bathroom Remodel

The most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is typically the installation of the new fixtures, such as the shower, tub, sink, and toilet. Depending on the size and complexity of the job, the cost to remodel a bathroom can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Also, keep in mind that the cost to remodel a bathroom does not just include the fixture(s). It also includes new wall tiles, flooring, electrical work, painting, ventilation, and any other job-specific requirements.

However, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to update your bathroom without spending too much money or time on the project, you can opt for a simple tile shower installation. Compared to other remodeling projects, installing a new shower is relatively quick and easy.

Bathroom shower tile ideas

Average Cost To Remodel Bathroom With Tile Shower

The cost to remodel a bathroom with a tile shower can vary depending on the location of the home, size of the bathroom, age and type of fixtures, ease of access for installation, and desired materials. A basic tile shower will typically be less expensive than a custom design.

According to Cost Helper, the average cost of tiling a shower is between $300 and $500. Furthermore, if you are performing more complicated work, such as installing tile on an outdoor patio or around a hot tub, this will typically increase the price.

The average cost to remodel a bathroom with a tile shower is typically between $1,500 and $3,000. This price range includes the cost of materials and labor.

If you want to make more complicated changes, such as changing the layout of a bathroom or even converting a second-floor bedroom into a bathroom to accommodate an aging parent, then expect to pay closer to $10,000 or more.

Finally, what about you think? Is the tile shower becoming the most expensive thing you can find in your bathroom remodel? Is it needed? or will it do nothing? Let’s find out together.

Bathroom tile shower remodel ideas
Bathroom tile shower remodel ideas. Image: easyhometips.org

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